Datasheets are the mainstay of embedded electronics design—regardless of the project!

All too frequently, datasheets are difficult to find while performing online searches.

This area of our website presents access to many datasheets I have personally located and used over the years. They exist here simply as a result of an electronics hobbyist recognizing the frustration often accompanying datasheet searches.

The following list appears alphabetically as categories. Each category contains one or more PDF documents. This is not an inclusive array of datasheets; rather, simply ones I've used personally over the years and found stored on my hard drive.

There are 111 categories and well over 500 PDF documents. Some of the categories may appear to overlap. That's okay; we'll let them! This sections contains >100 pages.

Datasheets appear here under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License.