Plan Your Future Now, LLC is a small organization interested in our world from the micro to the macro.

Roger, founder of PYFN, has a diverse professional and personal background.

He has been a masonry contractor, restaurant owner, computer repair/maintenance business owner, instructor of digital electronics at a community college, electromagnetic field research specialist, minister, spiritual counselor, business consultant, and electronics enthusiast.

Roger's interests include anthropological, sociological, and philosophical outlooks on life, cosmological studies of human nature and consciousness, wilderness hiking, embedded electronic design, reading, business, chronic pain studies, and eclectic self-awareness studies.

Roger's current area of focus is tri-fold:

  1. Understand, manage, and participate in the explosive social media phenomenon.

  2. Pursue an ongoing interest in studying the effects of space weather on Earth and its populace.

  3. Create a "Search & Learn" learning environment that encourages disciplined, motivated, knowledge-hungry, and open-minded people a launchpad from which to explore varied interests.

Plan Your Future Now does not offer a manifesto; rather, a sharing of thoughts as we move into and with the exciting changes occurring during the 21st century.

Roger supports heart-centered communication and is open to discussion, tips, and ongoing education in all areas of our interest.

So . . . let's communicate!

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