Download File 1. ADV7125 Triple 8-Bit High Speed Video DAC

A triple high speed, digital-to-analog converter on a single monolithic chip. It consists of three high speed, 8-bit video DACs with complementary outputs, a standard TTL input interface, and a high impedance, analog output current source. 12 pages.

Download File 2. MAX1407-MAX1414 — Low-Power, 16-Bit Multichannel DAS with Internal Reference, 10-Bit DACs, and RTC

The MAX1407-MAX1414 are lowpower, general-purpose, multichannel data-acquisition systems (DAS). These devices are optimized for lowpower applications. All the devices operate from a single +2.7V to +3.6V power supply and consume a maximum of 1.15mA in Run mode and only 2.5µA in Sleep mode. 48 pages.