Download File 1. PIC16LF1937

High-Performance RISC CPU: Only 49 Instructions to Learn; All single-cycle instructions except branches; Operating Speed: DC-32 MHz oscillator/clock input, DC-125 ns instruction cycle; Up to 16K x 14 Words of Flash Program Memory. 472 pages.

Download File 2. PIC16LF1937 Errata

The PIC16(L)F1934/1936/1937 family devices conform functionally to the current Device Data Sheet (DS41364E), except for the anomalies described in this Errata document. 14 pages.

Download File 3. PIC16LF1937 Programming Specs

The device can be programmed using either the highvoltage In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP™) method or the low-voltage ICSP method. 46 pages.