Download File 1. 10K Trimmer — Bourns

2 pages.

Download File 2. 3386 Trim Pot — Bourns

3 pages.

Download File 3. 5115 3-Wire Potentiometer Input to Bipolar mA/V Output

1 page.

Download File 4. Calrad 25 Series Pots

5 pages.

Download File 5. MCP4251 SPI Digital POT — Microchip

The MCP41XX and MCP42XX devices offer a wide range of product offerings using an SPI interface. This family of devices support 7-bit and 8-bit resistor networks, and Potentiometer and Rheostat pinouts. 82 pages.

Download File 6. Trim Pot Applications-Processing Guide — Bourns

This Applications/Processing Guide is intended to provide you with points to consider for designing circuits, selecting trimmers and arranging board layouts, to achieve maximum performance and long life for your circuits and systems. We have also included information on steps your manufacturing engineers can take to preserve circuit reliability. 8 pages.