Download File 1. HM6264B Series 64 k SRAM (8-kword X 8-bit) — Hitachi

The Hitachi HM6264B is 64k-bit static RAM organized 8-kword X 8-bit. It realizes higher performance and low power consumption by 1.5 mm CMOS process technology. The device, packaged in 450 mil SOP (foot print pitch width), 600 mil plastic DIP, 300 mil plastic DIP, is available for high density mounting. 15 pages.

Download File 2. K6R4008V1B-C/B-L, K6R4008V1B-I/B-P CMOS SRAM — Samsung

The K6R4008V1B is a 4,194,304-bit high-speed Static Random Access Memory organized as 524,288 words by 8 bits. The K6R4008V1B uses 8 common input and output lines and has an output enable pin which operates faster than address access time at read cycle. The device is fabricated using SAMSUNG's advanced CMOS process and designed for highspeed circuit technology. It is particularly well suited for use in high-density high-speed system applications. 10 pages.

Download File 3. KM681000C Family CMOS SRAM — Samsung

The KM681000C families are fabricated by SAMSUNG's advanced CMOS process technology. The families support various operating temperature ranges and have various package types for user flexibility of system design. The families also support low data retention voltage for battery backup operation with low data retention current. 10 pages.

Download File 4. PCF8570 256 x 8-bit static low-voltage RAM with I2C-bus interface — Phillips

4 Digit 7-Segment Display using 74HC595 (R) kit drives four 7-Segment common cathode display using Serial Shift Register IC. 20 pages.