Download File 1. Stackpole Electronics, Inc. Resistive Product Solutions


1. General purpose resistor ideal for commercial/industrial applications.

2. Flame retardant coatings standard.

3. Flameproof version available as CFF.

4. Panasert available on selected sizes; contact factory.

5. Auto sequencing/insertion compatible.

6. CFM (mini) ideal choice when size constraints apply.

7. Cut and formed product is available on select sizes; contact factory.

8. Standard lead wire for CF/CFM is copper plated steel, with 100% tin over plate.

9. 100% tin plate on copper wire is available as type CFQ/CFQM.

10. RoHS compliant/lead-free. 3 pages.

2. Special Resistors Spec Sheets available from: Special Resistors Spec Sheets

This takes you to a "Special Resistors" online spec page.

3. Caddock Index of Resistor Data Sheets Available From: Caddock Index of Resistor Data Sheets

This takes you to an online "Index of Data Sheets" for resistors.

Download File 4. RC0603 General Purpose Chip Resistors

This specification describes RC0603 series chip resistors with lead-free terminations made by thick film process.

1. RoHS compliant Products with lead free terminations meet RoHS requirements; Pb-glass contained in electrodes, resistor element and glass are exempted by RoHS.

2. Reducing environmentally hazardous wastes.

3. High component and equipment reliability.

4. Saving of PCB space.

5. None forbidden-materials used in products/production.

6. Halogen Free Epoxy. 9 pages.