Download File 1. Air Ultrasonic Ceramic Transucers 400ST R160

— 400ST160 Transmitter

— 400SR160 Receiver

— Center Frequency 40.0±1.0Khz

— Bandwidth (-6dB) 400ST160 2.0Khz 400SR160 2.5Khz

— Transmitting Sound Pressure 120dB min. Level at 40.0Khz; 0dB re 0.0002µbar per 10Vrms at 30cm

— Receiving Sensitivity -65dB min. at 40.0Khz 0dB = 1 volt/µbar

— Capacitance at 1Khz ±20% 2400 pF

— Max. Driving Voltage (cont.) 20Vrms

— Total Beam Angle -6dB 55° typical

— Operation Temperature -40 to 85°C

— Storage Temperature -40 to 85°C

2 pages.

Download File 2. Force-Pressure Transducer — Honeywell Model 1865 Series

The Model 1865 is a high-performance transducer specifically designed to address the needs of medical and specialized OEM applications. Offering laser-trimmed compensation, the Model 1865 may be specified to operate with either a constant current or voltage supply. 4 pages.