Download File 1. ECS Electrical Cable Supply Ltd.

Table with cable and wire specs.

From: ECS Electrical Cable Supply

Download File 2. Wiring Information — From Experimental Musical Instruments

These sheets tell you how to make basic electrical connections for musical instrument pickups using components from Experimental Musical Instruments.

Instructions are included for the following options:

  1. Option 1: Run the output from a pickup to a plug (male) which can be plugged into an amplifier or mixer input.
  2. Option 2: Run the output from a pickup to a jack (female). This allows you to plug a regular musical instrument lead cord into the jack while plugging the other end of the lead cord into an amplifier or mixer.
  3. Option 3: Run the output from a pickup to a volume control, and from there to a jack or plug as described above.
  4. Option 4: Run the output from a pickup to a local preamp, after which it can be sent to a mixer or amplifier.

You'll find instructions and diagrams for each of these options. On the last page are illustrations of the various components identifying their hot and ground terminals. But first, some preliminary information. 5 pages.

Download File 3. Quail Electronics Wire Size Specifications

Wire size specifications table. 2 pages.