Download File 1. 7-Segment Display Pinout

1 page.

Download File 2. Fairchild 7-Segment Displays

The MAN3400A, MAN3600A, MAN70A and MAN3800A Series provides a choice of color of LED displays. Standard units are available in Red, Green, Orange and Yellow. 9 pages.

Download File 3. MSC-C162DYRN-2N LCD Display by Truly

The KS0070B automatically initializes (resets) when the power is on using the internal reset circuit. The following instruction are executed in initialization. The busy flag is kept in busy state (BF=1) until initialization ends. The busy state is 10ms after VDD rises to 4.5V.

  1. Display Clear
  2. Function Set
    • DL = 1 : 8-bit interface data
    • N = 0 : 1-line display
    • F = 0 : 5x7-dot character font
  3. Display On/Off Control
    • D = 0 : Display Off
    • C = 0 : Cursor Off
    • B = 0 : Blink Off
  4. Entry Mode Set
    • I/D = 1 : +1 (Increment)
    • S = 0 : No Shift

17 pages.

Download File 4. 74HC5954 7-Segment Display

4 Digit 7-Segment Display using 74HC595 (R) kit drives four 7-Segment common cathode display using Serial Shift Register IC. 1 page.

Download File 5. 128 x 64 Graphic LCD

Display format: 128 x 64 dots. Built-in controller: Samsung KS 0107/KS 0108 (or equivalent). 3 pages.

Download File 6. AMC1602A LCD Display

16 characters x 2 Lines. 22 pages.

Download File 7. HD44100H LCD Driver with 40-Channel Output

The HD44100H has two sets of 20-bit bidirectional shift registers, 20 data latch flipflops and 20 liquid crystal display driver circuits. It is a highly general liquid crystal display driver which can drive a static drive liquid crystal and a dynamic drive liquid crystal and can be applied as a common driver or segment driver. 10 pages.

Download File 8. HD44780 Dot Matrix Liquid Crystal Display Controller/Driver

The HD44780U dot-matrix liquid crystal display controller and driver LSI displays alphanumerics, Japanese kana characters, and symbols. It can be configured to drive a dot-matrix liquid crystal display under the control of a 4- or 8-bit microprocessor.

Since all the functions such as display RAM, character generator, and liquid crystal driver, required for driving a dot-matrix liquid crystal display are internally provided on one chip, a minimal system can be interfaced with this controller/driver. 60 pages.

Download File 9. HD66100F — Replaces HD44100H

The HD66100F description segment driver with 80 LCD drive circuits is the improved version of the no longer current HD44100H LCD driver with 40 circuits. It is composed of a shift register, an 80-bit latch circuit, and 80 LCD drive circuits. Its interface is compatible with the HD44100H. It reduces the number of LSI's and lowers the cost of an LCD module. 17 pages.

Download File 10. HG12605

128 x 64 dots graphic LCD module. 12 pages.

Download File 11. LCD 16216HB

16 character X 2 lines. Connector on bottom. 10 pages.

Download File 12. LCD Module BC2004ABNHEH

20 characters, 4 lines; 122 x 32 dots. Controller IC = KS0066 (or Equivalent) controller. 25 pages.

Download File 13. LCD VI302B Module

1 page.

Download File 14. MCP23016 and LCD Display

How to connect the ATMEGA168/Arduino to MCP23016 and LCD Display. 11 pages.

Download File 15. MDLS162653V Varitronix Datasheet

16 characters by 2 lines. 44 pages.

Download File 16. PCF8577C LCD direct/duplex driver with I2C-bus interface

The PCF8577C is a single chip, silicon gate CMOS circuit. It is designed to drive liquid crystal displays with up to 32 segments directly, or 64 segments in a duplex configuration. The two-line I2C-bus interface substantially reduces wiring overheads in remote display applications.

I2C-bus traffic is minimized in multiple IC applications by automatic address incrementing, hardware subaddressing and display memory switching (direct drive mode). 24 pages.

Download File 17. Parallax Serial LCD

Parallax Serial LCDs are very functional, low-cost LCDs that can be easily controlled by a BASIC Stamp® microcontroller. The LCD displays are either two rows by 16 characters or four rows by 16 characters, and provide basic text wrapping so that your text looks right on the display.

In addition, the Serial LCDs also provide you with full control over all of their advanced LCD features, allowing you to move the cursor anywhere on the display with a single instruction and turn the display on and off in any configuration. They support the same visible characters as the BASIC Stamp Editor's Debug Terminal (ASCII Dec 32-127). You may define up to eight of your own custom characters to display anywhere on the LCD. 11 pages.

Download File 18. LCM MODULE TC1602A-01T

16x2 Characters; SPLC780D1 or equivalent controller; Power Supply Voltage = 5.0V. 18 pages.

Download File 19. TC1602I 05A

16X2 Characters; Backlight = RGB LED. The LCD display Module is built in a LSI controller, the controller has two 8-bit registers, an instruction register (IR) and a data register (DR). 14 pages.

Download File 20. TG12864H3-03A

Supply Voltage For Logic = 5.0V. Supply Voltage For LCD = 13.0V. The LCM built-in Sitronix ST7565P. ST7565P is a single chip driver & controller LSI for graphic dot-matrix liquid crystal display systems. This chip can be connected directly to a microprocessor, accepts serial or 8-bit parallel display data from the microprocessor, stores the display data in an on-chip display data RAM of 65 x 132 bits and generates a liquid crystal display drive signal independent of the microprocessor. 31 pages.

Download File 21. Uc-204a

20 character x 4 lines. 1 page.

Download File 22. Using HD44780-based LCDs with AVR Microcontrollers

HD44780-based displays can be operated in either 8-bit or 4-bit modes. Apart from the data-bus, 2 or 3 control-lines are needed, namely RS (Register Select) which selects if the data written to the module should be interpreted as data or an instruction, R/W (Read/Write) which determines the data direction (this pin can be tied to GND to save an I/O-pin on the controller, but this will make it impossible to read back status from the display, so all data must be sent slow enough to live up to the worst-case delays found in the data-sheet), end finally E (Enable), which is used to make the display read the data-bus.

The HD44780 has the font built into ROM, including normal latin letters, numbers and punctuation, as well as some japanese and scientific symbols etc. It also allows 8 user-defined characters to be created, which will be mapped into the character-codes 0-7 and repeated at 8-F. 11 pages.

Download File 23. CFAH2004AYTIJP

20 Characters x 4 Lines. 21 pages.

Download File 24. GDM2004D

Built-in controller (S6A0069 or equivalent); +5V power supply; 1/16 duty cycle; LED Backlight. 9 pages.

Download File 25. Operation of the HD44780

The HD44780 has two 8 bit registers, an instruction register (IR) and a data register (DR). 10 pages.

Download File 26. PC2004 Series

20 Character, 4 Line; View Angle 12H or 6H; TN or STN Fluid; Extended Temperature Range available; Several Character Types available; LED or EL Backlight available. 12 pages.

Download File 27. Systronix 20x4 LCD Brief Data

Brief data for the Systronix 20x4 character LCD. It is a DataVision part and uses the Samsung KS0066 LCD controller. It's a clone of the Hitachi HD44780. This 20x4 LCD is electrically and mechanically interchangeable with 20x4 LCDs from several other vendors. 7 pages.