Download File 1. 4200 Series Insertable Legend Keypads

Typical applications include communications equipment, security applications, and industrial controllers.

Download File 2. EB014-30-1 — E-blocks Keypad board

A simple 4x3 keyboard that allows data entry into bus based systems. Flowcode macros for driving this E-block are available.

Download File 3. Single-Wire Keypad Interface by Design Ideas

Occupying only one free I/O pin, this circuit communicates with a microcontroller by generating a single pulse each time someone presses a key. The pulse's width is proportional to the number of the pressed key, and the microcontroller identifies the pressed key by measuring the pulse's width.

Download File 4. Keypad Switch — Comfile Technology

2 pages.

Download File 5. Keypad Decoding

This Freescale Semiconductor application note demonstrates the use of a matrix keypad including wakeup from stop mode with HC05 J and K series microcontrollers. The MC68HC705J1A is used as an example.

Download File 6. Standard Keypads AK-304-FM

1 page.

Download File 7. Standard Keypads AK-XXXX

2 pages.

Download File 8. Microchip PIC Controlled HD44780 LCD and 3x4 Matrix Keypad

This article provides fundamental information on how to integrate the HD44780 controlled LCD display and matrix keypad with Microchip’s popular 16F877/A. This project can be further improved for numerous applications such as security door lock system and others requiring a hardware interface to input and verify pass keys.

Download File 9. Piezo Keypad

Schurter Electronic Components offers a piezo keypad that provides input systems impervious to all kinds of dirt and fluids. Keypads are particularly suitable for use in outdoor applications.